Software to put pics in A4, automatically numbered

I am an art history phd student
I am looking for a software (possibly free), very easy to use, to create a series of A4 pages in which I put images.
I wish that every time i put an image, the latter will be automatically numbered.
If I change the order of the images, if I add or cancel an image, they will always be re-numbered automatically - Something Similar to what Microsoft Word does with footnotes.
Does anything like this exist?
Thank you so very much!

Most professionals here would be using InDesign for something like this, which is also what I’m most familiar with (it’s not free, however). I’ve never needed to automatical number images, but it’s possible and similar to the way InDesign can automatically number pages.

Here’s a link to an explanation:

You could also use Affinity Publisher (not free but less expensive than InDesign). I can’t vouch for this method because I’ve never used it, but here’s a discussion on numbering images in Affinity Publisher: [Affinity Publisher] Figure Numbering - Pre-V2 Archive of Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum

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You can try the free alternative, Scribus…