Software/tools to remove backgrounds

I’ve just been using Canva to remove the background of an image.
Pretty good results I think.
I researched loads into other alternatives.

Just wanted to know if there was a recommended tool/website above others?

Photoshop - how good is their tool? Haven’t got, so would like to know.

I use Affinity Photo - its OK. But don’t want to spend 5 minutes cutting out an image if I can do the same using a tool - I’ve seen as cheap as $0.03 for a yearly subscription.


Canva is not great - we often reject print jobs created in Canva as they don’t appear to be adhering to the PDF modules required for RIPs. As a source of information, I outsource to many different printing places, and none have have had the ability to successfully RIP a Canva file with any ease at all. It’s great for online - but can’t find much use for it in print - or from a technical printing point of view.

In saying that - I never tried it for removing backgrounds - as I use Photoshop.

There’s an online tool that I have found to be getting better and better as time goes on.

There are price points to it - but some of it is free. Works on video too apparently. is amazing
It was the first service I came across a few months ago
I’m put off by the pricing and the fact you only get a good price rate if subscribed monthly.

Works on video??
Just looked that up. That is just soooo awesome.
The pricing is pretty amazing.
The trouble removing a background if not green and well lit is really tough.
(It was when I tried many many years ago.)
Thanks for letting me know.

Someone elsewhere told me that is so good because it’s all based on AI.

QUESTION: How does it compare with Photoshop?
$9.99 for a month - I would pay if I could batch process files and remove background.


As far as I know you can batch process. There’s even a plugin for Photoshop.

But is it any good?
Adobe Spark online has the functionality.
I tried out today.
It’s pants. For a simple picture there were bits left sticking out.

Let me know. Would much appreciate.

Photoshop has all you could ever ask for in background removal. From simple auto select and delete, to various lasso and section tools for complex backgrounds, to lastly, and my personal favorite, a layer mask removal technique.

However, if you’re removing rather simple items from non complex backgrounds, maybe photoshop is not worth the investment for you.

Most of us here use far more elements in photoshop than simply background removal alone. Photoshop has grown into a vastly diverse program, and as far as I’m concerned, would be the industry’s standard for bitmap/raster imagine editing.

It’s good. To answer your question. Some might argue great, or even the best.

@Biggs Thanks for the reply. I didn’t get a chance to reply.
I’ll never ever use Photoshop for any of the advanced stuff.

But… if I can get a background removal tool that is as good as…
Then I might as well pay $9.99 for 1 months use and do nothing more than remove backgrounds. :slightly_smiling_face:
I take pictures on a fairly plain background and get a freelancer from fiverr to cut out the background for me. It’s normally something like $5 for 20-25 images. I normally have a lot more images.

Important: I don’t want to create work for myself. I would rather be as lazy as possible and get someone to do for me.
But… the way work is amazing. It’s not perfect. I do get the odd item still sticking something out. But 98% of the time, it’s spot on.

If Photoshop gives me what I need, the same as, then I’ll pay $9.99 for 1 months usage - assuming you can use just for 1 month and not need to continue?

Hi there,
The software/tools you can use for background removal are Ben’s Background Remover, Movavi Photo Studio, Canva, Gimp, Image Skill etc.

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