Some of my beginning graphic design works

I want to share with you my first practice works related to the lesson on the line element from the basic course “Beginners guide to Graphic Design | 45 Episode FREE Series” by Gareth David on Youtube.

The pictures show examples of “Line in Infographics” and “Line stressing a word” and “Lines as borders”

I did all in Affinity designer.

I need to look into the YouTube course you mentioned. Every now and again, beginners here ask if there are online courses in graphic design. There are lots of courses on YouTube on learning software, but very few on the fundamentals of design.

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Yes, you are right. Look for mentioned youtube course. It is very good! :smile:

I have a good feeling about this. The titles sound promising. The episodes look rather short but the guide should at least give a good overview.

Please keep us posted about how you are doing as you progress through the episodes of this guide.

Enjoy the ride!

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Thank you. I will! :grinning:

I’m going on a trip so I won’t be available for two days. Here I will post one of my graphic design work from the period before I attended the aforementioned course.

It is an advertisement for an imaginary environmental non-governmental organization called “Hope”.

Feel free to comment and give your opinions. Thank you.