Sorry Students, Ikea updated their own brand

I know that there have been several student assignments to rebrand IKEA here in the student section, but now IKEA has just gone and updated their own brand. Tweaked perhaps rather than updated. You decide.


Sometimes a few tweaks is all that is needed

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The letter spacing is a bit better, but there’s not a whole lot of difference.

At first I thought they had eliminated the little serifs, but it turns out they have made them even smaller. I’m wondering why they even bothered.

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Nice work going from ugly to no less ugly.


They did move the registration mark inside the oval, so its not hanging outside the box … so, there’s that. Its definitely subtle.


Looks like they changed the blue to a slightly duller one. Makes it a little easier on the eyes, not so much vibration.

They also fixed a lot of the proportions in the letters, the “E” and “A” look miles better imo.

Overall for what I assume is an in house design since no firm is listed, this is a pretty good re brand. I’d give them a B+ if I was a prof.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never liked Ikea’s visual branding. It’s always puzzled me why a company so focused on stylish design uses Verdana — a typeface designed for lower-resolution monitors — as their company typeface.

As for this new version of their logo, it’s more refined and likely as good as it can be without abandoning the awful thing and coming up with something else.

And blue and yellow? Yeah, I know it’s a reference to the company’s home country flag, but Swedish or not, it’s still a less-than-ideal combination for a trend-conscious retailer.

Then again, none of this seems to have hurt them.

There are very few things I hate more in signmaking than hovering trademark symbols.
On the old version it would require a bump-out or lollypop added on the sign blank - f they really wanted it out there. It is always an extra step, and a long drawn out one, to get the removal approved, even with companies not as large as IKEA.

The new one is far more legible from a distance now. Most of time, at least around here, they use their huge buildings as billboards, most are visible from the highway. Legibility is key.

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