Specialty Print Techniques Suggestions

I am working on designing a certificate for a client. The client will need maybe 25 or 30 certificates. Each on customized with the recipients name. This is pretty straight forward.

I’d like to come up with some way to add value to the certificate so it doesn’t look like something that was just printed off on a digital press – which is pretty much what it is going to be.

So what I’m looking for is a way to make a digital print look more costly or valuable than a straight up digital print.

So far, I have three ideas.

  1. Have them printed on a nice, high end rag stock.

  2. Back in the day, there were services that would make custom rub downs if you wanted to simulate a foil stamp. I can’t remember what those were called or who made them and have no idea if there are any places that still do this. My thought was to have the client’s logo done in a silver foil.

  3. There is a local printer than does “embossing” on their digital press. In reality, it’s not embossing, but it’s 250 hits of ink to build up a texture. This seems like the least promising approach because I don’t think people would look at this certificate hanging on a wall and think it was embossed.

If you have any other ideas or if you have any leads on custom rub downs, I’d appreciate it.

Should have searched before I posted. Looks like there are actually plenty of places out there that do custom rub downs or transfers. So that’s an option. Still open to other ideas anyone might have on how to add value or a custom touch to a digitally printed certificate.

There’s also this: 50x 2-inch 50mm Serrated Foil Certificate Seals for - Etsy

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Fantastic idea, thanks. Didn’t know anyone would make short run seals like that.

Hand embosser? They’re pretty cheap and you can press a seal into the certificate.

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@Just-B @Mojo Thanks for the suggestions. The client really liked the seal idea.