Spice up logo

I need help spicing up this logo. It is boring to me… any ideas?


The only thing I would suggest is to get rid of those brushed accents on the arrow.
I do signage and that kind of detail is nothing but trouble.
Doing that may also give the logo less of a ‘tentative’ look, make it look ‘stronger’

Also, is the blue background always going to be part of the logo?

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This is a business that operates online only so i’m not too concerned about signage.

No, there won’t always be dark blue in the background.

Plan ahead. You say they are online only. But what if they ever have to produce something physical, such as shirts, booth signage, hats, mugs, pens, etc.

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Can’t tell you how many times someone has come to me for “Online Only” signage.
But eh, the logo could be printed and probably embroidered, after a fashion. Just not cut in anything dimensional or even vinyl.
“Online Only” still doesn’t change my opinion of making the arrow stronger.

If the blue isn’t in the background, what color is the arrow?

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like this any better?

A quick image search shows that the tip of a javelin is basically just a pointed stick, it does not have an arrowhead type ending as shown here.

Aside from that, I’d say this logo is okay, and I mean like, just okay.

Perhaps the reason you feel like it needs spicing up is because what you’ve shown is the “low hanging fruit” solution. The company’s name is “Javelin” so you drew a javelin. Maybe there is some way to capture the movement / arc / power of a javelin throw without literally depicting a javelin (or spear or arrow). Or maybe the icon is an athlete throwing a javelin. What the company is, I can’t remember, but there is some movie/film company that has an archer for the logo, and I seem to recall it being a pretty nice logo. Maybe you could use that as inspiration.

Yes, I realize that I both suggested you don’t have to draw a javelin and then suggested you draw someone throwing a javelin. The irony is not lost. Point is that you have options.

The only thing I would add is to lighten the blue color which gets hard to read in the small type under the image, especially when using a black background.

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The current Olympic javelin is just a pointed stick. The archaic Greek javelin did have a broad leaf point. Not as broad as this logo would indicate, but I’m not that picky.
I do like the newer update a lot better than the original. The subtext is a little skinny in comparison to the whole.

I have to admit, I am not knowledgeable about javelins in general let alone the archaic Greek javelin.

You mean you didn’t see the movie “300”? :slight_smile: (actually those were a little beefier at the point than they should have been, theatrical license and all that. LOL!)