Spider tent or inflatable tent Mockup


I am searching for a fully customize spider tent or inflatable tent mockup for Photoshop!
can anyone help me to find that mockup?

if you need an example I have uploaded photos, please help!

Have you looked on sites that sell those things? Sometimes the printhouses that do those things will have mockup templates.

will they sell me the mockup?

Ask them. That’s the best route.

Just to be clear, you’re looking for a mockup and not a print template, right?
That’s two very different things.

Also, if you are doing a mockup, be very very certain you know how the template goes together. This kind of thing is not going to be seamless across the various planes and image alignments will suffer. Best to consider that when designing. As in, do the print template first, then map it to the mockup. Not vice versa.

Yes, I have already the print template file as an illustrator file with cuts, but I want to create a mockup and not from zero, I have already done that. I need a professional mockup of the PSD file. just change the logo color ext…

Talk to the place where you got the template. A phone call might get quicker results than an email.

Yeah, reach out to your vendor. Quite often they have a piece of software they can drop your completed templet into and it generates a rendering of the final product. There’s usually not a charge for this. I used two vendors in my day that sold similar products, one used to send a 3D rendering/mockup as part of their proofing process, the other had no means of doing this, nor did they care. They printed whatever you sent on the template, no matter how disastrous it might have been.

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