Sports designs in general

Hi, I’d like to know if people here are in the Sport industry. I got plenty questions as how you guys managed to get noticed. What advices would you give to somebody who would love to join a branding agency. You’ll find below my Instagram with some of my project. Thanks!

Describe “Sport Industry” and how you think joining a branding agency would work in that industry.

Your link goes to the IG login page.
And guess what?
If I don’t have an IG account (and I don’t)
I can’t view your IG.

It’s a great time saver, not having an IG account. :slight_smile:

If those are your sports team logos, they’re well done. You certainly possess talent.

However, you do realize, don’t you, that designing logos for sports teams is a very tiny niche in the larger field of design and marketing — even for those agencies that might specialize in branding.

Brand development has far more to do with research, strategy, lots of meetings, and thousands of details related to the brand than it has to do with drawing good-looking logos.

I’m finding it increasingly common to run across self-taught designers who imagine that logo design is a viable field in which to pursue and specialize. They get good at a niche that interests them and think there’s a straightforward way to earn a living at it.

Unfortunately, breaking into this field isn’t easy. Doing so usually involves paying one’s dues through formal education, working under the tutelage of more experienced designers, landing positions at the best agencies and firms, and, in general, developing a killer resume and portfolio that demonstrates talent, experience, first-rate thinking skills, and a flexible and diverse set of skills.

In other words, it’s a lifetime pursuit.

Thanks for your comments. I’m currently working on my website. So here is a wordpress with variable works.Sorry it’s in french. _ – NFSidney

Tanks for your answer, In deed during my researches I’ve seen that there are not that much sport branding company. I’ve done differents stuffs in the design field such as logos for candy store, a gardner company etc. But I’m more interested in Sport designs.

And you’re right about meetings; strategy etc. I’ve seen that aspect when I was watching some videos on how this agencies are working. And of course this is a huge part of the process, I’m not thinking that’s is only about good looking logos.