Spot Healing Brush Tool

I am trying to edit a photo using the spot healing brush tool and when I click on the photo, it is leaving a dark circle. Everything is a dark spot or if I drag it, it is dark as well. Any suggestions to fix it? Thank you so much!!! I did reset the tool and that didn’t work at all. I’m using macOS Mojave and Photoshop 2021.
Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Refresh your screen, ie use the magnifying glass to force the screen to redraw. I have had this a couple of times. It seems to be a bug. It has still done what you want it to do, but sometimes leaves a ghost of the black dot you see when making the edit. Can be really annoying, but it still works.

As spout advised, forcing a screen redraw works, and you can also try toggling GPU acceleration.

It was a pain at first but that works. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help!

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