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Hi There, I’m looking at creating a printed portfolio and wondered how would a portfolio that lies flat compare to a portfolio that stands up (similar to a desk calendar). Would a desk calendar style format be distracting or would it be easier to present? I’d love to hear thoughts on this one.

As a CD I would be reviewing it on a table or in my lap, therefore a portfolio that lies flat is better for me. However, make sure you have a digital version of your porti as well. Many people will prefer to review it on their laptop or iPad. It’s easier to send it around as well.

You can get portfolios that do both. That way, if you have to do a presentation to a group of interviewers as opposed to an individual, you have the stand up option. Or if you are doing a one on one, it can be a regular binder type.
something like this random thing I found on the internet:

They also sell cases that hold iPads in a presentation format.
This comes in handy when doing client presentations too.

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Imagine sending out a desk calendar with portfolio pieces as the images. Even if you’re not hired they have a desk calendar with your contact information on every month. So if they do need to hire a designer you’ve been subconsciously priming them for months (if they end up using it on their desk) :rofl:

I may try that the net time I’m sending out resumes. Resume + Desk Calendar portfolio.

Thanks heaps for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks - I can totally see the practicality side of something that lays flat or better still is digital.

Fantastic - love that idea! Thankyou :+1:

I tried that once about 20 years ago when I was between jobs. It worked. I also tried it a few years later by sending custom mousepads, which also worked.

This only works, I think, when the things sent are just too nice and cool-looking to be thrown away, which makes them pricey, but well worth it.

Every Christmas, I get an elaborate promotional piece from a local ad agency that I’ve worked with in the past. It’s obvious that hundreds of hours are spent on these things, and I’m certain it costs them a small fortune each year. I have no need for this promotional item, but it’s such an interesting thing that I end up studying it. People drop by my office just to see what they’ve sent. I can’t bring myself to throw any of them away.

Every Christmas, I also get a handful of promotional wall calendars from various vendors. They’re generic calendars, probably ordered online, with the company’s names imprinted on the bottom. I’ve had no need of wall calendars since, maybe, the 1980s. Since there’s nothing interesting about them, they quickly end up in my garbage can.

Thankyou so much for your thoughtful and insightful response. I love your name “Just-B” - it’s a very timely reminder. I can see how the thought put into a piece can translate to you not wanting to throw those bespoke items away. How awesome that your colleagues hang out to see what these talented creatives send each year. I will keep your words in mind and think my concept through further. Have a very productive and creative 2019!!

Ha! LOL. You found a meaning in my user name that had never occurred to me: Just Be. That’s good. I like it much better now. Thank you! :grinning:

My user name came about for a different reason, though. On the old GDF forum, I used the single letter B as my user name. The current forum software wouldn’t accept single-letter names, so I picked Just-B instead.

When I read your profile name I thought it was like saying ‘just trust the process and allow your design journey to unfold’. It’s like great art; everyone can apply their own meaning…and all because of a platform update :grin:

Well, if your budget allows you to make several calendar-style portfolios, why not? It’s something unique to offer! Though, don’t forget about a digital one. Compared to those calendars, it’s always less pricey and can be sent anywhere. Try playing a bit with Format features if you want to make the online one more creative.

Thanks for your suggestion about Format. I’ve already signed up to Squarespace but it’s always good to know about what’s available and to investigate new possibilities. Also, thanks for the encouragement on the calendar. I have to say I’m really enjoying my first GDF experience.

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