Starbursts, starbursts, starbursts!

So tired of clients wanting to use starbursts in ads. I’m running out of ideas. What are some alternatives that you use?

Find different clients?!

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Depends on the context. If it’s about a discount or price, a tag or sticker shape can work. If it’s about a certain feature or benefit, you can put it on an “infographic” style shape that’s somehow related to the topic, e.g. a shield for safety features, a stamp for quality, etc. I know that’s still very generic and overdone, but at least it’s not starbursts.

Are they bill-paying clients? Suck it up.

If it’s appropriate for the target market, then it’s appropriate. It’s never about the designer.

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Those are pretty good ideas. I run out of ideas when the client says, "Anything but starbursts, tags, stamps, etc.

The fundamental function of a graphic designer is to provide visual solutions to clients’ problems. As a service provider, ideas is your greatest asset. So dive into your idea vault and start digging.

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Maybe you’re not thinking outside the box enough?
Find a more creative way than stamps, tags, starbursts.

Give them all the delicious starbursts they wish. Apply drop shadows and glow effects to them all. They’ll love that.


Get paid.

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LOL. Believe me, I’ve done that!


Are you talking about this?

I’m new to working professionally as a designer but honestly I’ve never used one and I can’t remember seeing one on a design my colleague made. (He’s been doing this for 7+ years.)

We tend to use banners that pop in from the side, drop shadows, multi-layered text, and set up images to draw folks in. We also will use a 15% opacity pattern or background to liven up a page.

That’s the one. The delicious starburst.

Great for text like (but certainly not limited to):

“BUY NOW!!!”

“Ultimate supreme MEGAAAA sale”

“OoOoOooooh Yeaaaaah”

If you are feeling short of ideas, just relax and stop designing for a while.
Such a block is natural as sometimes the writers also face the same issue. What they do in such a case when they face writer’s block is to take a little pause and relax the mind.
This little break refreshes the brain and one gets able to think beyond the box.
I hope it will help you.
Best of luck

:laughing: those are ridiculous.

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