Starbursts, starbursts, starbursts!

So tired of clients wanting to use starbursts in ads. I’m running out of ideas. What are some alternatives that you use?

Find different clients?!

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Depends on the context. If it’s about a discount or price, a tag or sticker shape can work. If it’s about a certain feature or benefit, you can put it on an “infographic” style shape that’s somehow related to the topic, e.g. a shield for safety features, a stamp for quality, etc. I know that’s still very generic and overdone, but at least it’s not starbursts.

Are they bill-paying clients? Suck it up.

If it’s appropriate for the target market, then it’s appropriate. It’s never about the designer.

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Those are pretty good ideas. I run out of ideas when the client says, "Anything but starbursts, tags, stamps, etc.

The fundamental function of a graphic designer is to provide visual solutions to clients’ problems. As a service provider, ideas is your greatest asset. So dive into your idea vault and start digging.

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Maybe you’re not thinking outside the box enough?
Find a more creative way than stamps, tags, starbursts.

Give them all the delicious starbursts they wish. Apply drop shadows and glow effects to them all. They’ll love that.


Get paid.

LOL. Believe me, I’ve done that!


Are you talking about this?

I’m new to working professionally as a designer but honestly I’ve never used one and I can’t remember seeing one on a design my colleague made. (He’s been doing this for 7+ years.)

We tend to use banners that pop in from the side, drop shadows, multi-layered text, and set up images to draw folks in. We also will use a 15% opacity pattern or background to liven up a page.

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