Start Career as Freelance Designer

Now, I have about 70+ logos

From the results of participating in the contest and also simulating my design project

I want to use it to start building a personal brand, besides that I have also prepared the microblog material for upload

Are there any other tips for building personal branding

Learn the craft, then learn the business. Get an education. Get a job. Learn what you are doing. Entering logo competitions is never going to make you a professional designer who understands how to communicate. It’s all to easy and seductive to want to be a freelance designer. It is very easy to become one. It’s a whole different thing to be a successful one who actually adds value.

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Read some blogs written by experienced designers. Know about their experience, It’ll surely help you!

Hey, I’ve hammered in 50 nails.
Ima gonna be a architect.
That’s sorta how this sounds.
But whatever. It is far far too late for this profession to help itself. And if this pandemic goes on too much longer, the whole industry is gonna collapse down to the crap on 99logos and a few big gang printers.
Good luck.

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I’m not sure I understand how having taken 6 dozen logo contest lunges has anything to do with “building personal branding”.

A freelance graphic designer, by way of taking on paid client work, represents his/her services as those of an expert; someone with proven competence in marketing, business, design theory, typography, and depending on a given client’s needs, any three of a hundred other specialties. You’ll be assuming responsibility for delivering measurable benefit to your clients’ operations, as well as running your own successfully. You ready?

If you want to succeed in freelancing, you really need the skills you are planning to work on. Many people learn much more in their first year of employment than they do in school for four years. You must learn how to plan projects in the real world yourself. You must have an idea of how programs, resources, and external expenses are handled. You have to pay money for taxes and budgets for anything, including computers, software, the Internet, mobile phone, transportation, and other stuff. Through meeting other freelancers and getting tips from them you’ll prevent several mistakes.

Here are some tips from someone who has been working in this field as a freelancer since quite some time-

  1. Create your small portfolio that lists your best work and services.
  2. Create the network by meeting new individuals, and learning from them.
  3. You need to find the first job in graphic design to become a freelance designer quickly.
  4. It is also important to know how to write and deliver an invoice to customers.
  5. If you are bringing your client from independent sites or through a personal network, perform beyond your standards for the first client.

I hope this will really help you on your journey, as I did not know a lot of things when I first started working as a freelancer.

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