Stock image issue

Hi everyone!
I just purchased a stock eps file from istock. I tried to place the file in InDesign and it turns out blurry and just horrible.
I then tried making a pdf out of it in Illustrator, but it still did not place well and clear into InDesign. I’m using 2018cc versions of both.

I would like to send the file to someone but this forum will not take an eps file. Can someone email me so I can send it to you?


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I’ll look at it if you’d like. Message sent to your email.

Did you try turning on the High rez viewer in Indesign?
.eps files are notorious for looking like garbage in the InDesign preview.
View>Display Performance>High Quality display.

Unless it’s a photoshop .eps, in which case you should check the rez/size in Photoshop.

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