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I am a graphic designer in the American Midwest. I have clients that frequently request the use of newer American/Asian/European vehicles, such as sedans, pick-up trucks, tractor trailer rigs and utility vehicles. I have access to various websites for imagery, but due to trademark legality, there are very few late model vehicles that I can download for creative projects. They are available on occasion for editorial usage, but I design packaging, sales collateral and point-of-purchase displays.

Short of actually photographing a vehicle and retouching the logos, is there a site for legal images of vehicles manufactured after 2015 through today?

Greetings from a fellow Midwesterner.

Aside from the usual suspects (Shutterstock, iStock, Getty), I don’t know of any place that has better automotive images than the next. Back in the day, there was a traditional, rights managed agency called Transportation Stock or Trans Stock or something like that. I’m sure they’re long gone.

If you just need a car on a white background, I’ve had good luck using 3-D rendered images of cars that are available at Shutterstock, etc.

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I used to shoot stock and all the majors forbid this in their contributor TOS. It’s a liability for them, so they err on the side of extreme caution and reject anything close.

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Yeah, I’d expect that. When I first read the original post, I immediately doubted it was a worthwhile quest because car designs are sensitive IP. Whether the logo is obscured or not, most of them are quite recognizable, and their owners/makers don’t want them out there in general availability to be freely associated with whatever some designer’s client is peddling. The deals that result in certain makes and models appearing in movies and TV shows are meticulously detailed and negotiated.

Clothing-maker Client: I want the model wearing my jacket shown getting out of a new Jaguar
Designer: I see if I can make that happen
Jaguar: That’ll cost you $Many
Clothing-maker Client: !!!
Designer: How about if he’s just coming out of a building that looks like it could be an elite financial institution?

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