Stock photos and mockups that don't look stock

After combing through swathes of stock websites for a few days, I finally managed to find a couple of sites that provide some relatively believable images. Finding the right images is still going to be a challenge but hopefully these resources will help you with that search.


Those 360 pngs on Yellow are fun! Nice find!
Though they need to shoot some of that stuff on a clear plexi surface to get upshots.

Mockups are mockups though. If they aren’t specifically what your client wants to see, they are a waste of time.

Yeah I agree that there is still something left to be desired.

Mockups are mockups though. If they aren’t specifically what your client wants to see, they are a waste of time

I’d just like to quickly address this. If I recall correctly, as part of the premium membership on Yellow Images, you’re given access to their team of contributing CG artists. So you can get custom/personalized work done if the requirements are more specific/stringent. I suspect that the design you have done for you is eventually rolled out into their shop, given the price point and all.

I think their membership is called the “Yellow Ticket,” or something to that effect.

Yeah, I saw that. You can request a mockup but they then offer it as stock.

The thing is though, if you are custom designing packaging, you are often doing that with a software that will generate your own mockup. Or at the very least you want to keep the design custom for your client branding only, not available to the world at large. Yeah, every jam jar is pretty similar, but maybe something high end or singular, not so much.

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nice. I’ll need to look these over at a later time. on a quick look the sites were decent.

and on my short look it seemed the 360ª stuff was mostly food? or did I need to jump out of a category.

For mockups that doesn’t look stock, check these are hands with phones

You can these:

They are free for personal or commercial use.

I listed this in a blog post Where To Get Free Stock Photos And Free Images For My Blog And Website

I hope this helps.

I have created a list of 40+ free stock photos sites. There are websites like LibreShot,, etc. in the list that provide relatively believable images. You can check them out.

Great source. Thanks for posting.

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