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I am looking for a picture from F1 circuit with cars 1950s
I am making a print of 12m x 3m. But if I download a stock photo from A.E. Shutterstock. 102cm x 64cm 300 dpi and I take a piece of into put on a file of 1200cm x 300cm 120dpi then it is blurry and pixeled. So where can I find pictures that are even bigger than the largest on Shutterstock? Ore does anyone have any tips to solve my problem?


You won’t find an actual photo from that period (of any subject, let alone one as commercially protected as F1) with enough size to print 12 meters wide for close viewing. I’d say that whatever your ultimate objective, you’ll likely have to find another solution.

You might want to check with an F1 museum somewhere and see if they have any large format chrome or negatives, then pay to have it drum scanned, if they will do it (some places don’t allow their film out of cold storage.) It will most likely be a static shot (car parked.)
Even then, you will have 1950s film grain to deal with.
You need large film though. 35mm film is not going to go that large. Not even if the speed of the film is really low.

Murals are not meant to be crystal sharp at arm’s length. They are meant to be viewed from a distance. Any kind of historical photo is expected to have grain in it.

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Oops, missed it. The museum with the largest collection (Donnington) just closed last year…
Good luck with smaller venues.

Another option is to actually contact your stock photo company (as in pick up the phone or send an email to their query port) and ask them if it is possible they can arrange to have the 1950s image you want rescanned at higher resolution. If it’s film, you may luck out. If it’s a scan of a paper photo, not so much, unless it’s a pristine, pro shot.
Needless to say that will cost $$$-$$$$. Usually far more than a private party wants to pay.

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