Stop I'm Fine Response - Student Survey

I would really appreciate if anyone can fill out the following survey for feedback based on a few designs for a student module I am working on at university to help in a report.

Many thanks

Sometimes when people say, “I’m fine,” they really mean it.
What a weird campaign.

Agreed. And to add to it, the bag of chips??

Nothing but peace and love. Best of luck on the report.

I realize this is a student assignment thought up by an instructor. But yeah, it’s a weird one that comes across as someone’s pet peeve rather than a legitimate societal issue of any consequence.

Besides, if there is any problem with the greeting, the problem isn’t in the “I’m fine” answer. The problem is with asking a question that sometimes can’t be truthfully answered without making an awkward social faux pas.

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I think it is fine.

Sorry mate - couldn’t complete your survey, I just can’t get past the promotional product placement aspect of the campaign, is a bit: :grimacing:

Agree, I also think it’s really difficult for a lot of people to open up if they’re having a hard time (especially for men), and I’m not sure whether challenging them over a very surface level question is the best approach.

“How are you today” is such a throw away question. The person who asks it doesn’t really expect an answer, and the person who receives it doesn’t really hear it. Someone should ask the teacher what happens when you commercialize a social issue.
Or just ask Walmart…

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