Streetwear T-shirt design

Hi everyone! Straight to my point. I would like to ask for your opinion or advice from all of you.

Exactly last night, I got a client to make a streetwear t-shirt design. And he made a request to include an image object or something else related to “SHEEESH”. Honestly, I’m a little confused about what objects to include in the design. Maybe some of you have an opinion?

Thank you and Regards :slight_smile:

Presumably, that is why the client has come to you? Isn’t it the designers job to come up with ideas that communicate what said client wants to say? Ideas are our stock-in-trade. I, for one, don’t often give them away for free.

Throw some ideas out and we’ll critique them.

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No idea. Sheesh could mean anything. Talk to your client and explain you need better briefs.

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