Striped text help

Maybe you should make a sticky topic like “Graphic design help” in which people could get help?

Anyways, hello! I hope someone could help me with one thing. I’m creating a bigger piece in Illustrator (which I don’t know too well yet) and I’m not sure how to make this one typography thing right.


So basically I want this whole text filled with these white stripes as I almost did with the last letter (although, at this point I was pretty frustrated, I don’t even know how I did it xD). I was following (more or less) this tutorial - , but can’t get it right and the explanation in the tutorial, at least on this part, is a bit laconic.

I’m pretty sure it’s rather simple.

Thanks upfront!

Look up how to make a pattern brush.

You can also mask the stripes out.

This whole forum is for Graphic Design help :wink:

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