Struggling to come up with a "compressed" typeface

I’m looking for a typeface that is horizontally compressed (extra wide, extra extended) but that has a low cap height. Idlewild is the closest I’ve found but it’s way beyond my client’s budget (ideally something $35 or less). San serif preferred. Can anyone recommend a typeface along these lines?


You’re looking for Extended Sans Serif fonts, not compressed. I don’t have any recommendations off the top of my head, but searching with the term extended should help you.


A search for “ultra-extended fonts” came up with some leads. Here’s one:

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It sounds to me your client needed something, but was not willing to pay for it. What to do? What to do?

Some TV renovation shows come to mind.


Quantum Latin is pretty dang close and comes in at around 40 bucks. That seems pretty minimal for a professional business.

Another that is very close is even cheaper at 15.00

Stereo Gothic

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