Stuck with Transparency issue

I have used a svg file of a chip set for a project. That looks transparent. Like the wire of the chipset has changed its colour according to the background. But then i export the chipset as PNG it become white. I want a png format file with same transparency effect. How atchive this with that svg chipset!?..
Please help
I am sharing some images for better understanding:

When i have placed Two file on a same background it looks like this.

The svg file… Changed according to the background


What is the reason for preferring PNG over SVG?

I don’t really know why the SVG isn’t converting to PNG accurately. However, SVG is a scaled-back and minimal vector format designed with the intention of keeping the file sizes small for use on websites. SVG isn’t necessarily intended as a working format to be used as an intermediate step to something else. In that sense, SVG is sort of like PDF — a terminal format that people keep trying to use for things neither was originally intended to do.

Did you draw this in SVG, as in using Inkscape instead of a more capable vector drawing application, such as Illustrator or Affinity Designer? Or is this a downloaded SVG graphic that you’re trying to convert to PNG for some reason?

Whatever the case, the problem would be easy enough to find a workaround in a good vector drawing application. For example, color the wire lines the color you want and don’t rely on transparency. Or perhaps, convert the open line segments to closed shapes to see if that makes a difference.

For what it’s worth, I sort of like the lighter lines in the PNG anyway — they’re all but invisible in the SVG and look a bit like a mistake.

Actually my co-workers are asking for png files… but both png and svg I have faced the same problem with this chipset.
When I try to export it, its strings are changing. (With some different color)

I suspect it has to do with transparency blend modes. Upon poking around it appears that SVG may only support Multiply, Screen, Darken and Lighten blend modes. This page has more info.


I believe CraigB has it right, and I expect the traces that are changing color have the Overlay blend mode applied.

On a copy of the file, try:
Select All
Object > Flatten Transparency (can probably leave the default settings)
Re-export to the chosen delivery format