What websites can I download free royalty free music for a concept video?

A simple Google search for “free stock music” turns up plenty of prospects. I would say to remember that you get what you pay for, so finding anything very specific could require a lot of fruitless searching and sampling. Assuming your video production is student work, you’d probably be okay using something that wouldn’t necessarily be available for free-use in a real-world project (unless you’ve expressly been instructed otherwise), so long as acknowledgement of that is included in the materials you turn in.

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Music? What does one do with that? Can it be vectorized?
Wait, music isn’t an image right?

… I looked it up. Apparently its a kind of sound one hears.
Cant even print it.

And of course, a graphic designer forum is the perfect place to find music sources, yes?

Is it? I don’t understand Pix. What are these sounds? where do they come from?

Why, the sounds come from your computer speakers of course. Or headphones if you are jacked in. I prefer music on vinyl disks that spin and need a stylus, but whatever.

Music for websites. Music for podcasts. Music for Youtube channels. Music for a student video project. There are any number of reasons a graphic designer might want or need music.

I’m just glad there are some things I don’t have to print.

Graphic designers when putting together a presentation video to display a concept would need it.

I feel with that comment, the future of printing sounds is upon us.

Scratch and sniff smells have been around a long time.
And those annoying electronic birthday cards have “printed” circuits.
Yeah, it’s only a matter of time.

Doesn’t it seem like every decade discovers smell-o-vision?—-next-narrative
That comment about adding sea air and gunpowder to a naval battle scene? Yeah, I think there would be far more gruesome smells in the air at a naval battle…

I remember a computer game in the mid-80s that came with a scratch and sniff card. One might wonder what could possibly be on there when the name of the game was Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and the game starts with you waking up in a restroom and being instructed to scratch circle number 1… do so with some trepidation … and discover you have found an old slice of pizza…

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