Stylescapes, you use them?

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I’ve crossed this term a couple of times now and am considering to apply stylescapes into my workflow for graphic design. If you’re not familiar with the term (not a moodboard) take a look at this video by TheFutur

I am wondering though, how many of you have created these for actual clients and is it worth the extra amount of work you put into? Did it save you a lot of time in the end or did it raise more questions and has the client started to give only more input resulting into more work?

As I can see it’s a better representation of the idea than just sending them an existing example of what you want to create since only parts of the style are going to be implemented and it can prevent many misunderstandings about the branding. Obviously you’re also presenting at least 3 ideas, so my assumptions are they’re more easily satisfied in the end because they felt like they got exactly what they were thinking they would.

Sorry if there’s already a topic about this, but the term didn’t come up anywhere on the forum while searching for it.

They describe them as moodboards on their website.
Someone else described them as “moodboards on crack” when I tried to find a differentiation between the two.

The pieces you show here though, they are more along the lines of an actual pre-press branding guide rather than a pre-production mood board.

I also noticed there are pre-packaged templates out there - which really defeats the purpose of actually listening to your client.

Are they useful?
Generally yes.
Are they too much work?
If the project cost doesn’t cover it, don’t spend billable time doing it. IOW, if you are doing a $xxx logo, probably not. If you are doing a $xx,xxx brand or product development maybe. If you are doing a $xxx,xxx branding campaign, most definitely.

They are for discussion’s sake, not necessarily tweeking the layout for any specific purpose.

But that’s just my opinon.
I see mood boards during project development and we use material “sample boards” all the time.

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