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The computer I am using is a Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series. Ram 4 GB DDR2. Processor Intel Pentium 3558U @ 1.70 GHz. 64 bit OS. Which Photoshop CC version is suitable for me to run smoothly?

Your computer with 4GB of RAM will run Photoshop (just barely), but I suspect you’re constantly running out of memory or finding the computer bogging down and running slowly. I have 16GB my current computer and I’ll likely have 32GB installed on my next computer one.

I don’t know which version of Photoshop will run best on your configuration, but I doubt it makes all that much difference since all versions of Photoshop for years now have been memory hogs.

With photoshop, it’s more about scratch space than ram. You can probably run Photoshop just fine on 4gigs(but not much else at the same time.) But most of the slowdown with Photoshop has to do with how long the history function has to search the selected scratch disk for space to store the history states. I usually have between 90 and 150gigs of free disk space on my primary drive.

I can have 100+ gb space on my local drive. And can extend my RAM to 8 GB. Which would be best than?

You don’t have many options. Adobe CC is whatever it is today. You may have an option to use earlier versions of CC but it’s all pretty much equal. If you are going to try to go back to CS versions by buying diskware (beware of pirated software,) you may have compatibility issues with new OSes.

100GB isn’t much anymore, but neither is 8GB of RAM. If you’re getting by now with only 4GB of RAM and something smaller than a 100GB drive, I can imagine the problems you’re having.

What you really need is a new computer, but assuming that’s not doable right now, I’d suggest upgrading to the 8GB of RAM and, if possible, buying an external hard drive to use as a scratch disc.

It sounds like he’s saying he has 100 gig of free space, but maybe I read that wrong.

On an old machine, I’d use the outboard drive as a place to store your stuff and use the on board hard drive as scratch. If the machine is old, waiting on even a firewire or USB connection to an outboard drive for scratch can be…not much fun.

But I’m beginning to have real second thoughts on that line where an SSD drive is involved.
I guess they all have their faults.

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