Suggestions / inspiration hiring advertisment

Hi there! :slight_smile:

My company wants me to create a cool, make-it-pop advert about hiring someone for a job (oh, how I love their genius description)

They want me to create it with a boring stock-photo, because they think, without a photo it’s gonna be boring and noone will read it.

But I wanna proof otherwise. I was thinking of creating something with typography and color or objects, but I won’t find any nice inspiration online. Do you know a site or similar, where I’m able to search of a specific topic?

Or did one of you created some adverts about hiring too?

Thanks to you in advance :smiley:

I really don’t know of any particular site … but I just googled “no image hiring adverts” and there are quite a few of just typography pieces. That might help you with some ideas. :slight_smile:

Well this is helping me already much, thank you!

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