Suggestions on new laptop

I would love to know which laptops y’all are using and would love get some suggestions for what I should get next. The one I have now is about 6 years old and is starting to have some issues so I’m going to get a new one plus I draw a lot so I’d love something touch screen. I’m not looking to get any Apple products right now.

I need something that can handle Photoshop, Ilustrator, AE, Premiere, lightoom, etc. All the main Adobe products.

I love the laptop I have now. It’s a Samsung that has a 1tb HDD+ 500GB SSD. I know theres a shift away from having both but I prefer both personally.

I have probably around a $1,400 budget max.

So if anyone has any suggestions for something that has both a HDD and SSD, at least 8GB of ram, touch screen, Nvidia graphics card and preferably a 15in screen I would love to hear them!

I’m a Mac user, so I can’t give you much advice on a laptop, however (and I apologize if this derails the thread) I’m curious why you’re looking for a touch screen. I actually have a work issued Dell PC laptop with a touchscreen, and it’s a decent laptop, however it has a touchscreen that I never use (in fact it bugs me that an accidental touch to the screen “triggers” it.


This configuration came to just over $1400

Configure here.

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