Suggestions to improve my site please

Here is my first site and i don’t know if is good or not. I’m beginner.
Please come with some suggestion to improve my site if is needed

I hate to be the one to break bad news to you, but VectorStock stole some of your images and is selling them on their site:


Hi Steve,
Thanks for your info. Can you please delete your links? I don’t want to be bad ideeas for others. Thanks


So Eloquently done, Steve_O.


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There is a limited window of time for editing one’s post.

Wait . . . what now? Are you not adicaza? (And if you are, why are you undercutting your own prices?)

is not important if i’m adicaza or not. there the prices you see 0.69 is for subscrision plan. you can’t buy thats images if you don’t have a subscrision plan…that mean to pay more than my prices. Finaly my question not was about the price. was how can i improve. Until now i don’t see any answer


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what is shady?

It is to me. I’m adicaza.

Okay, you could improve by not misrepresenting art you have no right to sell as your own.

Hey STOP. It’s my art and I AM ADICAZA> OK? you think is a good ideea if somebody post here thats links? I just asked a simple question. HOW CAN IMPROVE?

if you really are curios you can find same on deposithphotos and in other similar places. but i’m satiated to receive 30cents for my work. I just tray to built my own site. what 's wronmg there?

Also i have works here if you realy want to see if is my art or not. It’s other kind of work but what mater? i just put a simple question and i don’t see any good answer. Just critics and suspicions

ok. what’s your first name?

Adrian and is enough

to end this chapter of suspicions. If someone is really curious to see if I am or I am a liar, please send me the details of my Facebook account in private message. I will contact him and see what the truth is. I’m still waiting for suggestions about my question, “How can I improve?” I still hope that this place is a place where you can meet the serious man and not just one full of suspects and followers of the conspiracy theory. Thank you

:joy::joy::joy::joy: greet my twin brother

it’s okay. i’m sorry for accusing you of being an imposter.
i’m sorry, but i can’t help you. i mainly do graphic & type design.
maybe check out some web stores of your peers or hit up some web designers.
the only »tip« that i could give is that you should maybe consider creating a landing page.

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My advice would be to consult with a lawyer regarding the legality of what you’re doing. Companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Red Bull, and Dunlop might frown on you selling and profiting off of their trademarks.

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