Super easy? Text inside of a circle object?

I want to add type inside of a circle but when I do, I’m given the red overset text box. Not sure why. Please see video (very short) of the problem:

/watch?v=TaBqmDLDOTU (type into YouTube as URL extension)

Thank you!

Check your text inset options for the circle.

Object>Text Frame Options

And tick the Ignore Text Wrap option - just to double check nothing else is interacting with the text fream.

Curiously, Object > TFO is greyed out…

Yup @Smurf2 nailed it. Make sure “ignore text wrap” is ticked on the circle that you added the text to.

Ah…even though it was greyed out on the menu, I was able to access it through right-click. Solved. Thank you!

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