Super simple graphics program for composing piano music?

I want this for my iPad Pro. Mostly to compose music for piano.

In the past I’ve been disappointed by music notation apps because of having to conform to rules related to MIDI playback. I’d like the freedom to sketch/write piano music. I don’t need MIDI playback for the piano

I’d like freedom to both notate with the Apple Pencil and also to tap and drag symbols like a treble clef , note heads (small black round dots or small round open circles), note stems…etc. In other words I want to be able to blend predetermined graphic symbols AND free hand writing.

The biggest thing I need is to rearrange sections of printed music. Let’s say there are 4 measures buried in the middle of a page of music. I’d like to be able duplicate those 4 measures someplace else. Simple copy , cut and paste functions.

When I look at graphic design apps, they are obviously overkill. Maybe there’s a super simple app someplace.

The iPad drawing apps seem the same, if you can convert musical notes to and edible format like psd or jpg, you can print screen the 4 measures and paste anywhere on the canvas.
I had to use musical note last year and that is what i did .

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