Survey - Community Design Resources & Social Media

Hi, I’m in my final year of GD at university and my major project is focused on community resources, sharing and collaboration. I’ve made a short survey, it’s about 10 multiple choice questions, it would really help direct my project research. I’d really appreciate anyone taking 2-3 minutes to fill it out!

Any further feedback on the survey’s structure or anything you thought whilst filling it please feel free to share in the replies here, all feedback would be very useful.

Thanks so much!

You posted this a few days ago…
You could have just bumped the old thread.

Ahh I didn’t know I could do that, sorry. I’m new to this forum and I wanted to put it in different sections in an attempt to get a broader range of answers. I’ll make sure to bump stuff next time. Sorry! How does one go about bumping a post? I can’t find a button in the post of my dashboard?

We’re glad you’re here, but you might want to check out the forum rules. There’s a specific rule there about what you just mentioned. It reads, “Do not make the same post in multiple areas of the forum.

Guilty! I’ll be more vigilant in the future, sorry about that B!

No problem. When I first joined the forum, I managed to unwittingly break at least half the forum rules on the first day. :wink:

You can bump a post by just making a follow-up comment in the thread — for example, just writing, “Bumped. I need more responses, please.” would do it.

Sounds akin to every forum I’ve ever joined since the creation of the internet. I’ll do that next time, thanks for all the help Just-B.

Bumping this as I need a few more answers please everyone. If anyone hasn’t done it, please take the 3 minutes to fill it in, it will really help my final project!