Survey of Psychological Impact of Design

So I am interested in the psychological impact of design in general (this includes colors, form , texture etc.) but I was also wondering about visceral reactions from design and how it prompts people.

Basically interested in designing to create a positive aesthetic impression. To some extent it takes just knowing what looks pleasing to people and what doesn’t and what to avoid.

I am also interested in learning how to avoid bad design and if someone is surrounded by non-good design & in an environment where they don’t have control over the design how to negate the effects of that bad design within our lives .

Apologies in advance for requesting that folk stay on topic (please) and my thanks also.

Whether this is off-topic in your estimation would depend on your perception of the topic’s breadth.

But the psychologies involved in this:

. . . are not without context. You really can’t speak of good design vs. bad design in a contextual vacuum.

Consider these examples:

Either design (and the psychological effects it produces) can be “good” or “bad,” depending on the objectives of the purveyor, and the expectations of the audience.

Avoiding “bad design” can often be tantamount to avoiding paid work. There really is no good or bad; only appropriate and inappropriate.

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I agree with @HotButton, it’s hard to decipher the good from the bad without context. I did find a great article though in hopes to help you and ended up reading the whole thing myself, ha.

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