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Hello everyone,

Glad to meet you. I have a business issue. I am trying to save SVG files to upload them in WordPress but when I do it instead of saying “image/svg+xml” in file type it says “svg/font”. WordPress is enable to accept SVG files so I am wondering maybe the specs for saving as are wrong but nothing that I have tried worked. Does anyone knows the specs?

Thanks a lot.

Hello! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I moved your post to the Software category - seems it fits there best. I hope someone comes along with some insight on your query soon!

Maybe consider saving them to png or jpg instead? Wordpress has no problem with those.

Which application are you using to create the SVG files?

Hello Mr-B. I am using Illustrator

Hello DocPixel. Yes I though about it but the company I am working for wants SVG in order not to be pixelated sometimes

Wordpress only accepts certain filetypes; for images this is limited to

I’ve come across only a few examples of SVG files being hosted on the web but I found this when googling it.

You should be able to export your vector file to a png that looks okay. Maybe try that and show your company how it looks online.

Here’s the most recent site I’ve visited that is hosting an SVG file of their logo. Check it out

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