SVG is pixelated

Hi, I got a Logo from an client as SVG, but when I open it in Illustrator or Edge it gets pixelated when I change the size. Do you know why this happens?

Hi and welcome.

I assume your client has just saved a bitmap image as an SVG. Not a lot you can do about that, short of getting them to resupply the correct format, or redraw it I’m afraid.

It was easier when clients had no knowledge. Now they have a little, they are dangerous! Only yesterday a client sent me a low res jpeg. I told them I need the original hi-res layered jpeg. No problem. Ten minutes later I received exactly the same image saved as a psd file.

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Thank you!

That should be it, I will ask the client. Thank you so much.

Oh that is really annoying…The worst thing is to tell them that they did it wrong.

I got the same now with a supplied PDF that is a scan of a leaflet which they want 4x size …

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If you asked em for a layered .jpg, you’d be wrong too… :wink:

This problem is as old as time. Or at least as far back as the first desktop computers. It may even go back to film, but less likely.

Client sends low rez raster logo. Tell em I need a .ai or .eps. Then get same low rez raster logo saved out of Photoshop as .eps (“what’s a .ai anyway, I didn’t see that in the drop down menu…”)

Clients have always known just enough to be dangerous, and that probably goes back to sticks and clay tablets.

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You got me! Sorry, I meant layered ‘file’. I’m stupid, but I’m not quite that stupid.

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