Switching from Graphic/Web to UX/UI Design

Hi All. I have done a lot of research on this and signed up to a UX/UI course and also spoke to a former colleague who has made the switch. Just wondering if there are people here who have made the switch from Graphic Design to UX/UI? I would be interested to read your opinions. Thanks

I’ve jumped back and forth between the two since the mid '90s — long before it became known as UI/UX design. The whole UI/UX field is and always has changed quite rapidly as new technologies, software and workflows are developed.

If you like change and eagerly embrace revamping your skills and abandoning what was cutting edge only three or four years before, UI/UX is the way to go since there will always likely be a shortage of skilled people in a rapidly changing field.

Even though the more recent trends separate coding from UI/UX and turn that part of the job over to front end developers, I’d still suggest learning as much as possible about HTML/CSS. Speaking the language and knowing what’s possible, most efficient, cost effective and practical given the underlying limitations of the technology will make coming up with workable designs and communicating with the developers a whole lot easier and less prone to costly misunderstandings. It will also make you a lot more marketable to employers.

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