T-Square -- wooden vs stainless steel

Hello to all,

What is your opinion regarding wooden T-squares? Is it better to get one in stainless steel? If so, what would be the highest quality stainless steel T-square to purchase?



This is an odd one. It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a T-square. But they’ve always been metal.

I think about the old metal vs wooden ruler dilemma. And I have to say, as much a naturalist as I am, and love wood crafted items, the metal varieties always seem most reliable. You don’t end up with nicks and divots in the wood that causes blemished lines. Both are susceptible to bending. Both eventually lose their measurement markings in time. Roughly the same weight. The pliable attribute of metal helps hug unlevel surfaces.

That’s about all I got. Leaning toward metal.

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I had a steel T-square fall on my foot (I only had socks on) and it hurt. Still, I prefer steel.


I wouldn’t even consider a wooden t-square. It needs to be metal, and not just any metal either — it must be stainless steel. Back before digital everything, I used a t-square constantly. For that matter, I still have it sitting on my drafting table that I don’t use all that much any longer either.

I use a wooden ruler for measuring, and a steel T-square for drawing and cutting lines. It rarely gets hot enough here for the metal to expand but the wooden ruler will not expand. I avoid using the wooden ruler for cutting in case of nicks etc.

I use Gaebel stainless steel rulers marked in various units for measuring.


Weapon of my choice too. I even have a 24-inch one.

Mine’s only 18 inches. :frowning_face:

Fine. Mine’s longer than yours.

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You’re being a ruler bully.

By tradition the longest steel ruler in the studio is called ‘Excalibur’ :grin:

Oh … We’re talking about rulers?

I hope it was rulers and not physiological abnormalities. :open_mouth:

“Get a grip of yourself”, mutters the little voice inside me.

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