Table Design help

I’m stuck at this point on designing my table. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could add? I’m thinking something related to alcohol or college/university of north Dakota


Didn’t the University of North Dakota change its mascot from a Sioux to a Hawk? As for a reference to alcohol, the backward N in fighting already suggests the painter of the table might have had too much to drink.


A coat of green paint?!

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one; it was wide open!

I can get the idea of an alumnus of a school relating to their old mascot (I’m kinda the same way about my High School mascot, which is just as un-PC as this one.)
That aside, since this is just a card table, I’m assuming used for that purpose, this is only pleasing you and not the outside world, add whatever you want that pleases you.

It’s kind of funny how many tables similar to this concept that we make. Though most of the time we engrave a nice wooden table top (I work in a shop full of pro cabinet makers) and it gets put under glass to protect from alcohol spills. Usually the school, the mascot, and the year of graduation, and quite often the graduate’s name. I’ve seen one done in marquetry too, and another with vinyl graphics embedded in resin. All a little much for a card table.

A design isn’t complete when there is nothing left to add. A design is complete when there is nothing left to take away.

I noticed that, too. Wasn’t sure if that was done on purpose for some symbolic or stylistic purpose.

Are those Caps Game markings? LOL.

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