Tablets and Photoshop


I use a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator and looking at tablets, most probably Wacom and iPad.

I had a demo in the Apple store, it’s nice but the screen is small. How does everyone go with doing any detailed painting?

Does anyone have problems with the storage capacity and that it cannot be upgraded?

Is the Wacom and a monitor the way to go? Can you use a Cintiq as both a standalone drawing/painting tablet (if you just need to do a bit on the go) and switch to using a monitor too?


I use Wacom tablet with PC. Peace of mind.

I think you’ll need to determine where you’ll be using it. An ipad is nice and can get the job done, its portable but i believe it doesnt have the same features as a desktop version of ai or ps.

Wacom especially the pricer tablets are heavier. Some people have complained about the filter that mimics paper on them.

As @Billyjeanplxiv mentioned, it’s likely best to determine first where, why, and for what you’ll be using it. A tablet might work great for people using it more like a sketch pad. A desktop monitor might work better for those who prefer the larger size and the integration into the rest of their workflow processes on their computer.

If you’re concerned about the small size of an iPad for serious tablet work, you’re probably better of not heading in that direction.

I’m a little hesitant to give much advice about tablets (both iPad-like tablets and drawing tablets). Some people love drawing on Wacom-like tablets, and some people never get the hang of it.

Personally, I use my iPad for watching videos, and that’s about it. I also bought an expensive Wacom tablet for my desktop computer and ended up using it for a couple of weeks before abandoning it. A mouse seems way more natural to me. For others, the reverse is true.

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