Tastefully designed memorial

Here’s a great write up into the thought processes behind the design of a memorial park.
A great collaboration between architect, graphic designer, and landscape designer.

Cor-ten is one of my favorite outdoor materials, when the use of it is appropriate.

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I only recently learned of this horrific event. It’s heart wrenching. Vince Coleman’s last message as the train dispatcher really puts a lump in your throat :frowning:

A beautiful tribute for such loss :heart:

It’s local lore here. That’s why Nova Scotia sends Boston a Christmas Tree, a tradition since the early 70s.
Boston dispatched a train up there immediately with medical personnel and supplies and got it there less than 2 days later.

I was really impressed with their memorial interpretation.
Landscaping and graphics. Two of my favorite topics.

I didn’t even know that … what a wonderful tradition :heart:

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