Tastemaking: 2019 Design Trends

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I tend to disagree with this guy’s observations and predictions.

From what I gathered his predictions largely relate to a return to warmer, more natural, cozier design and colors, but I’ve noticed something different — cozy and friendly, maybe, but I’m seeing that accomplished with
a move away from warm, organic, earthy colors to brighter, rawer, playful and more synthetic colors.

Similarly, he also has noticed more hand-done, analog work and predicts this trend will continue. Although I hope he is right, I think he misses one critical point that will put the dampers on it becoming a widespread trend — expense and time (which are often the same thing).

For example, a hand-painted illustration takes a lot more time and is, consequently, a whole lot more expensive and unpredictable than simply choosing a photo. Now if you’ve got the budget on a project to hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot, it’s likely no more expensive than a commissioned illustration, but those higher-end, higher-budge projects don’t represent the norm for most designers.

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Love the product placement in that Tastemaking: 2019 Design Trends read … not.

One technique that I’m using is targeted layering … he called it ‘cozy’ but at its essence is layering. Layering of texture, of color, of shapes, of light … etc. Juxtaposing that with lots of clean elements is one great way to manipulate the viewer.

Bespoke meets minimalism … haha.

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