Tax Reminder to the Self Employed

Quarterly estimated taxes are due today.

If you pay them, quarterly estimated taxes are due September 17, 2018. Happy Monday!

Yup, at least we got a couple of extra days this time around since the 15th fell on a Saturday.

Just when I get my bank account looking OK, I have to send a big chunk of it off to the U.S. government to help them buy a cruise missile, a $1,500 toilet seat or ten second’s worth of aviation fuel for Air Force One so that Trump can go golfing at Mara-a-Lago.

I seem to remember some other presidents doing their fair share of golfing. The last 4 or 5 now … at least since HWB.

And remember, if this one is golfing, he isn’t doing anything else to annoy anyone.

If it makes you feel better, consider it a contribution to a mural at a National Park. Or some ADA signage at a national museum.

Golfing is fine. It’s the frequent $3.6 million weekend getaways on Air Force One to play golf that I have a problem with.

That number is (theoretically) based on the estimated cost of what one of President Obama’s 4-day golf trips to Florida cost back in 2013.

When he gets to $114M, then complain.
(shouldn’t be too long…depending on how the costs are calculated.)

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