Taylor Swift

Lately, whenever I visit a news site, there is always a story about Taylor Swift.

Over the past two weeks, I learned from various sources that a bug flew into Taylor Swift’s mouth, which made her gag a bit; she’s a good songwriter, but her music is boring; she needed to run off the stage when a prop malfunctioned; she’s unlikable but very nice; there were ticket glitches for her concerts; she’s still friends with an old boyfriend, her fans are called Swifties; and that she’s on tour but has nothing scheduled in Canada, which is causing Justin Trudeau to wonder why.

She sounds very important, but I got to thinking I have never knowingly heard a Taylor Swift song — ever. What am I missing?

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I like to think of myself as a fan for sure, but not the sort who flips out when I learn that other people have different tastes lol. For me I started listening to her music in middle school and that was when she just started out so a lot of the subject matter of her songs was relatable for me. She definitely writes songs that are nice to listen to with well placed metaphors, very few tacky pop culture references leading to a sort of timeless quality and just generally fairly inoffensive lyrics. Also she’s easy for me to sing along to which I always love.

I figure the reason that she’s become such a brand with such an invested following is just the same as any other pop artist who reached this sort of cultural icon status, except ramped up because of the nature of the internet. A lot of people like to hate her just because they think it’s cool to hate popular things but I mean, hate is such a strong feeling to have towards someone you do not know and did nothing to you so I don’t take those “critics” seriously at all.

Depending on the kind of music you like I could try and recommend a song or two for you to check out? Not an authority on good or bad music by any means haha but I like to think I have a substantial range of genres in my own music collection. I think if a person can just throw all the internet/media drama out the window and approach her music on its own in good faith, they can at the very least come away with a “huh. that’s not bad” reaction. Case in point my boyfriend is a drummer in a metal band and naturally listens to a lot of heavy/death metal, hard rock etc and I played a song or two and that’s pretty much how he reacted, and then found himself liking some.

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Nothing. Just shake it off.


Taylor Swift is the Mick Jagger (or insert rock icon of your choice here) of the 90s.
I’m sure my dad said the same thing about Stevie Nicks. LOL!

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Everything but the stuff you mentioned, apparently. Myself, I was missing all the stuff you mentioned as well.

It seems she’s a very hot topic, currently one of the hottest where clicks generate revenue. I would imagine there are genuine fans of her music, but personally, I’d have no idea whether there is anything special about it, or whether she even composes it herself. One has to suppose that broad appeal of her looks is what makes her such effective bait. As far as I can tell, most young girls will click her picture or name on sight, and if half of all adult women and half of all post-adolescent males will do the same — and those may be conservative estimates — it’s no wonder the “digital marketers” of our day will ride that bus until the wheels fall off.

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Everything I know about most celebrities, athletes, and the royal family was learned against my will.

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I only know of her from the headlines. My nieces listen to her. I wouldn’t know a song if my life depended on it. All I know is she is “wonderful” and is raking in 30 million a performance and just about ready to top A billion in earnings this year from her tour. This will beat out the 900 Million that Elton John has brought in so far from his farewell tour.

On the gossipy side … don’t ever be her boyfriend or you will end up in a song - and not in a good way. :rofl:

My first (and only) impression of her was her minor role in the 2010 film “Valentine’s Day”, and I thought she was rather good in it.

That’s it.

Oh, another thing I know about her is she is tall. Only because it’s been mentioned that she is my height so I remember :wink:

5’10’’ some however say she is 5’11’’. Either way when she is in heels it puts her at around 6’4’’. I know :wink:

If you happen to see her next to other celebs, she tends to tower over them.

Sounds like some website you went on had an ad about Taylor Swift or maybe todays top music and then the algorithm took off from there. I’d suggest opting out of cookies (at least the targeting, marketing ones) or else you’ll be learning about her until she’s not hot stuff anymore. Lol

I don’t know. I know the name of course, and I know what she looks like. I’m not sure I could pick her out in a lineup. I’m 64 next month and I’ve always kept up with new music as it comes along. Every few years a big star shakes the world. I know I must have listened to a few of her songs because that’s what I do when I hear about a new talent. I have absolutely no memory of the occasion, and not because my memory is failing. The songs, like so much around today, are well-crafted and completely unmemorable. Perhaps because I’ve heard that kind of stuff many times before, many years ago. This is the only reason I can think of for people today going wild for this ‘content’.

The same with people like whatshismane, the ginger one from England. I don’t even remember his name but he sells squillions and packs out stadiums all over the world.

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Don’t despair. You’ll grow out of it. I did that in my 30s.

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resurrecting this cuz I thought it was funny.
Concert causes 2.3 earthquake in Seattle (just the seismic reading, not a real one.)

Full article:

I was sleeping on Taylor Swift’s music. I just became aware of her with the Kanye incident. Within the last few years I’ve hear some really good pop songs playing in the background of stores and found out it was her. She didn’t sound anything like I remember her sounding when she was country.
It seemed like just yesterday that Lady Gaga was the new Michael Jackson. But alas, she only was big for her first two albums.

I only heard Taylor Swift’s music a couple weeks ago. Gotta admit it wasn’t bad at all. And there is a huge shift from her younger, country voice to her current pop persona. I had to ask if it was the same singer, LOL

And Lady Gaga was the New Madonna, wasn’t she? Can’t say I’ve listened to Gaga on purpose, but I remember Madonna’s stuff.

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I guess it’s just me that viewed her as the next Michael Jackson because it seemed like her initial fame was more comparable to his Thriller era. I know Madonna was huge during the 80s and early 90s but I don’t remember her being quite as big as MJ. Then again, I’m not as aware of Madonna’s career as I am Jackson’s.

I don’t recall seeing direct Lady Gaga comparisons to Madonna until her 3rd album’s single “Born that Way” and it seems around that time she even started to dress like Madonna with the hair and some cone-shaped brassiere outfits. Could be wrong though.