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I am new here and just starting out learning logo design. I would like some feedback on my logo designs for Jina’s Teahouse.

Jina’s Teahouse serves tea and other light refreshments. Their target demographic and primary customers are elderly people. They are looking for a vintage style logo that can be printed on a shop sign and also on a tea bag. The goal of this fictitious project is to create a new logo.

Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I am seeking to learn and make this the best logo possible. One thing I have trouble with is coming up with solid logo ideas, so suggestions/hints would be welcome too.

Many thanks



Welcome Aboard! Since you mention you are just learning I’ve moved this to the Student Forum :slight_smile:

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I really like the feel and theme that you are going for. To preface this, I am a senior graphic design student so definitely still a young gun and learning every day.

Anyways, I really think the tea pot is a really strong element, maybe with some tweaks to the element and some different typographic positioning it would look very well! I would suggest less line work in the tea pot so it can be better recognized at smaller dimensions.

I love the teapot (third one down) - I think it’s super cute!

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