Tell me what documentary inspired you?

Share movies or documentaries that has inspired your thinking and brought out a better version of you?

I could kill you, hide your body and live happily ever after.

LOL :wink:

I’m a bit of a documentary junkie … but mostly when it comes to the criminal stuff :wink:

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Are you asking about movies and documentaries related to graphic design? If so, I can’t think of any that brought out a better me.

However, there are several that I found interesting or meaningful at the time. One was an American public television documentary from the middle 1980s on the life of the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe. If I remember right, it was part of a series titled American Masters. I wish I had a copy of that, but I don’t think it’s available any longer.

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I watch films to be entertained. I watch documentaries so I might learn something. If I did all this only to be inspired or be a better self, I should start worrying. My personal opinion, of course.

I haven’t really seen any great design related documentaries and to be honest has probably been years since I last tried looking for any. It looks like Netflix has a series called Abstract - is that any good?

That said, I did think there was value in this documentary (albeit unrelated to design):

The take away for me was the way Jiro (this highly regarded sushi master in Japan) would tailor every aspect of his sushi down to the size of each piece to suit each customer; so that for example: if a group of people were eating together, they would all finish eating at the same time. It’s this thoughtfulness that I think can be applied to what it is we do, it’s certainly an experience I aspire to create for my customers.

abstract is dope, from the first episode my mind went grrrrrh…

lol, you a baddie

Movies are entertainment. And I rarely go see them anymore. Most aren’t worth the price of admission and the popcorn is too salty.

Documentaries used to be informational. Now they come off as some kind of bad mystery theatre where they cut to commercial on a “cliffhanger” then backtrack 10 minutes of what you already saw, just in case you forgot while you went to the fridge for a snack during the commercial. It’s like a bad Geraldo Rivera show. Plus, some of them make you wonder if they have their facts straight.

Older stuff, say from the early 70s to maybe mid-80s had it right. It wasn’t sensationalistic.

Did any of them inspire me? Who knows. Knowledge is always a means to inspiration. It gives you a wide base to draw from for ideas. Observation is important. Learning to think is important.

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did you ever see dead poets society?

I remember Robin Williams was in it. Otherwise, nope, don’t remember it

yuup, robin williams was in it


Finding Vivian Maier

I’m not sure if it inspired me, but it was a pretty fascinating documentary about an unknown photographer.


Not a movie or anything but books.
I was fascinated with martial arts when I was younger. I got biographies of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan etc. growing up. Then when on to read about Miyamoto Musashi, Jigoro Kano. I then joined a local karate school, Kenpo, and it was started by a chap called Ed Parker, read all about him and his life, and he was actually Elvis Presleys Sensei.

I studied that art for about 15 years but gave up at 4th Degree Black Belt. I just fell out of love with it. To be honest I wanted to go with my mate to do Kickboxing, much bigger following, but my instructor at the time lied to me to keep me at the club.

It took me years to figure out his lie. And I was pretty annoyed when I realised I had let what would have been a good career in Kickboxing go - as with the MMA and how big that is - a few of my former friends are big up in the MMA now and I missed that boat.

I guess that’s why I don’t do it anymore. Missed the boat due to a liar.

Anyway - those biographies/documentaries inspired me to pursue a path. And I did do it. And was successful, won a few world tournaments along the way.

Best part of it was that I would spend the weekdays studying and then at the weekend I’d get on a plane and arrive at a club somewhere in the world to train with them - on a whim to train a different style.

I couldn’t do it every weekend. But I actually landed at a club in L.A. one weekend (and I’m from Ireland) and the guy running the club had the exact same name as me.

I used to be crazy when I was younger - I’d do almost anything for a laugh. And would often jump a plane to go somewhere (mostly England or around Europe).

So I was inspired at one time in my life.

Now, I don’t really pay much attention to books, documentaries or other things.

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