Template for Social Media Sharing

Hi all,

I’ve been asked to create a social media template for a company, where ANYONE with basic laptop skills can create a social media post with correct branding on it. Attached is a template for reference.

  1. One way to do it is size a PPT to social media sharing size and have a placeholder for the image and the banner, however PPT does not not allow you to lock layers, and when banner is in the master slide it ends up BELOW the image… not on top so that does not really work
  2. It would be best if there was an online tool to create it, anyone heard of one? or tips on how to create it?
    If anyone made a template for Social Media sharing please share your experience. I’m lost! Thanks in advance.

Have you experimented with Canva.com before? I’m only suggesting it because it’s cloud-based and anyone could login to use a template similar to this.

Also, I wanted to know who is posting these images once compiled? The general public? Staff?

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