Text to Template - Adobe Express


I know it’s only online in Adobe Express at the moment.
But I hear Firefly Text to Image is coming to InDesign

Maybe only a matter of time Text to Template will also be InDesign.

I tried out the Beta in Adobe Express for Text to Template - it’s not bad, it’s not good.

Wonder how this will go.


Adobe likes to cut off the hands that feed it. I’m sure it will go swimmingly, just like Canva et al


Instant-generation is here.
Think it’s more of a keeping up with the Jones’

There’s a bit of backlash already as they adding Firefly image generation to InDesign and people don’t want more bloat.

Just another feature that will need to be added and left forever with no updates or improvements.

Anyway - templates -wonderful.
Think my job is safe - for now.

My job is safe, I just have to print it, not design it. :slight_smile: