Texture problems in illustrator

Im doing a project where i need to insert image textures in my illustrations (mainly wood textures) but when i apply them using the pattern tool the texture gets “cut off”

Example down below:

Thanks in advance for any replies =)

The texture isn’t properly patterned for tiling.
Did you make it?
When stuff like that happens, hide the seam behind the horizontal gray accent. Use a clipping mask to cover what you don’t want to see.

And remember too, if ever designing for the real world, that wood sheet goods never match perfectly across the seam, even if the grain runs the same direction as the seam. Trees are only so big and panels are typically 4’x8’ max. Actually, quite a number of “textured” non-wood sheet goods don’t match across seams either. Plan accordingly.

Thanks for the reply.

The image texture comes from the suppliers it is not that good in terms of quality so i tried my best to make it look good.

How do i tile it properly?
And how could i hide it by a using clipping mask?

Sorry for bothering.

To make it tile correctly, you’d have to make the pattern repeat on the edges of a square. Since this is client provided, you may be SOL

As far as using a clipping mask, indispensible if you are using Illustrator.
Look up a tutorial if you don’t know how

You want to cut back your image so the mask edge is hidden under one of your gray horizontal bars. For the verticals, you will have to do some photoshop work and make a custom image to place (bearing in mind again, that if this is for any kind of sheet goods, you would be misrepresenting the look of the final thing. The final thing WILL have a seam in it unless those clear uprights are cut from long timber.

It all depends on what you are representing, who you are selling it to, and if what you show is a true representation of the product.

Thanks u so much once again, u really helped me, i will watch some videos about the use of a clipping mask.

One last thing, is there any other way that i can make it faster by using a clipping mask, because i have like 350 “objects” to apply textures to.

Once again sorry for bothering, and thanks for all the help.

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