Textures - What are your go-to resources?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone could share their go-to website/resource for high res textures such as high quality paper styles, grain effects etc. Any textures that would work well for high-end commercial marketing materials would be a huge plus.

I know this has been asked before and there are absolutely tons of results when you search for any kind of texture online but I would like to know what your go-to might be, if any. For example, a reliable website you know that has free to use high res textures? A link pointing to a bulk download of assets?

Purpose of this being to save some time scouring websites and to collate great resources for the wider GDF forum.

Ps. I have attached an example texture for the style I’m looking for but this is by no means the extent of the styles that I would like to collate, it merely acts a reference point.

Thank you

Photograph it myself


Free is often more trouble than its worth. And most of my clients want licensing signatures anyway. We could never download an unverified wad of collected textures. I don’t care so much about “free.” I care about “right for the job.”

Now concept textures are a different story. When doing walkthru story boards or concept drawings textures are sometimes necessary. For that we use this:

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Shutterstock or iStockphoto both have tons of those types of images.

EDIT: Neither of the sites I mentioned are free, but images can be had for less than $10.

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the ones at Textures are 3D-wrappable.

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Thank you, that’s interesting to know and I think I limited myself by saying free, doesn’t necessarily have to be. As you said better for it to be the most suitable, not just free. Thanks for sharing the resource also!

Very interesting looking paid solution seems to be the program called Filter Forge (it has 30 days free trial). With it you can generate your own textures / backgrounds at any resolution with bunch of filters.

I really like TextureLabs. It’s all free (donations welcomed though), plus the guy that runs it has a Youtube channel with great Photoshop/After Effects tutorials.