Make a Friday a day to celebrate work well done that you can be proud of knowing that you just didn’t put in time to the next pay check.

Byron Pulsifer

My dear friends, I wish you an excellent and well deserved weekend after a week of well done work and advanced projects! I’m still not sure but I hope to go swimming this weekend, here the summer is starting and the temperature invites you to be in the water!
I hope you all enjoy what you have planned for this weekend, and feel free to share your plans for this weekend!

Feel free to share your plans for this weekend!

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Have a good one ElRowanOne :slight_smile:

No swimming here for months now :wink: It was 25° F and there was a thick frost this morning. We are coming to the end of Autumn and Winter will be upon us for the next several months. * Sigh *

No real weekend plans either … just watching my little niece tomorrow :slight_smile:

btw … we always (unless I forget) have a little Friday post in the Badgers Den if you haven’t seen it :slight_smile:

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Same here. I noticed this morning that last night’s freezing temperatures did away with the last flowers in our yard. Winter’s well on its way. There’s already lots of snow in the mountains just to the east of us, and we’ll likely be getting the first flurries here in the valley before too long.

For those of you, like ElRowanOne, south of the equator or in warmer climates, enjoy both the weekend and the good weather. :smile:

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Weekend update.

My plans were forced to be canceled an electric storm was formed with strong winds and rains, in the end I spent the weekend watching “Lost” yes, that 2004 “Lost” tv show … It seems that almost everyone watched it except me I hope it fulfills my expectations.

@RedKittieKat thank you, I didn’t know about that Friday post will post there next time :ok_hand:t5:

Some pictures after storm which still does not end completely.

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Holy Moly! That looks like quite a storm :scream: Glad you are ok :heart:

I loveeeeeee LOST. I only ever saw a clip here and there when it was actually airing on TV, but everyone seemed to love it. So when I got Netflix I decided to watch it since the whole series was there. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I watched it every waking second I could for 3 weeks straight. It was so good I watched the whole thing again about a year ago :smiley:

I hope you like it … and that’s all I’ll say … don’t want to spoil anything for you :heart:

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Thank you.
hahaha another person who tells me that it is a tv show that is worth watching, I raise even more my expectations!

I have only seen 15 episodes so far and I have already become familiar with some characters although there are many stories that are well developed. So so far, muy bueno!

Thank you for no spoilers :rocket:

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