The 2020 Super Bowl Commercials Thread


If you’re one of those who watches the Super Bowl for the ads, I started collecting them here. So far, we mostly only have the teasers, but as we get closer to the February 2, 2020 date, we will have all of them up. Apparently, the current US president and Bloomberg are both buying an ad this year for their re-election campaign. Let’s see how they turn out.

If you want to rewatch last year’s Super Bowl ads, you can find them here as well.

So happy i missed last years superbowl, i might watch this year.
but the ads are a distraction and to entice non-sport fans to watch.
and if the 49ers defense was not great, this years superbowl would have been an allstatefarm one with both QBs promoting a corrupt company.

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Yeah. I have no interest in the game — don’t know the teams, the players or care who wins.

For me, the ads are the only reason to watch (usually via YouTube on following days).

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I was kinda bummed the Pats didn’t make it to play against SF.
Jimmy Garoppolo should have been Brady’s protege. Would have been fun to see them square off. Alas, it was obvious by mid-season the Pats weren’t gonna make it anywhere.

Probably will watch anyway. Super Bowl is as good a reason as any to have a party regardless who’s playing.

All of us outside of Massachusetts are just heartsick over it too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not a big sports fan by any stretch and haven’t watched a Super Bowl in years. Not that I’ll be watching this year, but I’ll root for the Chiefs since they’re from my home state.

I stopped watching Football for the most part the last time the Steelers won a superbowl. They were my fave :smiley:

But, I watch the Superbowl every year… even when the Pats played :smiley: I love the commercials and as PD said … always a good time for a party … even if it’s only the two of us. Good snacky foods and such.

Thanks Ivan … going to check it out :heart:

One of you all out there might end up with our old quarterback. Brady’s a free agent this year. I have a feeling Belichick is gonna hang em up soon too. As soon as one of his proteges can grab the pebble, maybe. Josh McDaniels sticking around another year though…

Brady is not going anywhere, his receivers just need to catch the ball more often.

Indeed there were quite a few balls dropped on pivotal, would-be clutch plays over the course of the season. It’s one of those things that can go wrong in a small-ball offense.

I drew this in 1987 i think when i was learn how to draw.

I dunno…there’s talk of Brady and the Chargers…

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