The (AI) Generation Game!

Thought it might be fun.

AI generate an image and have people guess what it is.
If you win. You get to go next.

Has to be something famous obviously.

The Hills are Alive with the sound of Music?
Just a guess. I’m not paying to play. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the rules of this game are, but Adobe Firefly produced this image with the following prompt.

The hills are alive with an ungodly infestation of grotesque daffodils that consume a horrified Julie Andrews as the Milky Way Galaxy explodes on a sunny Austrian day.

I tried to add a few more adjectives to the prompt, but Firefly told me I was violating their user guidelines.

Not a bad guess.

I was going for ‘Wandering Lonely As A Cloud’

I guess this would have been better than using all the imagery from the poem


Guess it’s just a bit of fun and say what you see.

The last one is obviously the Apollo 11 Moon Landing… I thought that was easy.

here’s another easy one


Banff Squirrel?

Not even close.

Taming of the shrew.

Problem with ai is being very descriptive about what you want and not getting results.

Try one.

download-aiimagegenerator.png 2.jpeg

it should be called mutilation intelligence :joy: :point_right: